30 Hour Famine
30 Hour Famine
World Vision

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking on the role of a Camp Leader for 30-Hour Famine 2020!

Before you proceed, kindly read, understand and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
By accepting the Terms and Conditions listed below, you also agree to adhere to all the rules and regulations put in place by World Vision Malaysia in running your 30-Hour Famine or 8-Hour Kidz / Corporate / Parent-Child Famine DIY Camp. It also indicates that you will be responsible in ensuring that your committee members will follow these guidelines strictly.

World Vision Malaysia reserves the right to intervene or cancel your camp if any of the Terms and Conditions listed below are violated.

A Camp Leader must be at least 18 years of age.
A Camp Leader should possess skills in event planning and execution, able to coordinate among different parties, prudent in manpower planning, communications, budgetary control and book-keeping, and computer savvy.
A Camp Leader must attend at least one Camp Leaders Training Workshop for the current year’s 30-Hour Famine before organizing a DIY Camp upon receiving an official Camp Leader acknowledgment letter and agreement sign off in the workshop.
A Camp Leader must submit details of two credible referees (who are not relatives or friends) and a guarantor for World Vision Malaysia to conduct the necessary background checks.
Note: If you are a student, your referees should be your lecturer/teacher/senior supervisor/headmaster/headmistress/priest/pastor. If you are working, your head of department or supervisor can be your referee. Your guarantor should be your parents/guardian/superior at work.
A Camp Leader is responsible for all donation booklets and receipt books that are entrusted to them. These materials are to be used exclusively for 30-Hour Famine 2020. All donation booklets, receipt books and funds raised must be returned to World Vision Malaysia on or before 10 July 2020.
A Camp Leader will undertake to report to World Vision Malaysia should there be any cases (real or suspected) of fraud or misappropriation of funds among their campers.
A Camp Leader must set a good example by demonstrating responsibility and accountability in all matters related to the organisation of a DIY Camp, particularly in matters related to finances/money.
A Camp Leader must submit a complete set of financial accounts attached with receipts and other proofs of purchases related to their DIY Camp to World Vision Malaysia. The template can be found in the Camp Leader Kit.
A Camp Leader must ensure that all campers' information has been entered into the Camper Relation Management system before the date of their DIY Camp. Campers’ information is to be kept confidential and only used in matters related to 30-Hour Famine 2020.
A Camp Leader must observe and follow all guidelines laid down by World Vision Malaysia at all times.
A Camp Leader must agree not to use any abusive/obscene/racist/slanderous languages or materials that are deemed insensitive to Malaysia’s multi-racial, multi-religion and multi-cultural context.
A Camp Leader must not promote personal business and/or commercial interests during the entire duration of the campaign.
A Camp Leader must not use any verbal or visual materials that may undermine the dignity and privacy of the poor and the children we serve.
A Camp Leader must possess a positive spirit and passion to highlight the various poverty-related issues without displaying bias or judgment. The Camp Leader is to adhere to the messaging provided by World Vision Malaysia.

I understand and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions.

Please agree with the guidelines and regulations